Occupational Therapy Product Catalog

Klarity manufactures precision crafted materials for all splint types. Our products meet the requirements of the most highly skilled OT professionals.

Klarity® Elastic

Thermoplastic Splinting Material

Like Aquaplast and Orfit,  KLARITY Elastic™ is transparent when heated and has 100% memory…for easy reshaping and reforming.  A glass-like finish defies fingerprinting, and cools to a smooth surface...super strong and durable for extended wear.  KLARITY Elastic™ is quick and easy to form.

Klarity® Contour Pro™

Thermoplastic Splinting Material

For experienced splint makers who require a high degree of conformability and fine details, CONTOUR PRO™ is perfect.

Klarity® Contour Blend™

Thermoplastic Splinting Material

Description: Highly conforming and fast setting, CONTOUR BLEND™ is our most versatile material. A custom blend of rubber and plastic, it offers rigid splints that can be easily and quickly made even by a novice therapist. Moderate elasticity and easy drape mean that splints can be formed with minimal effort. CONTOUR BLEND™ is coated to prevent ...

Klarity® KS™

Thermoplastic Splinting Material

KS™ is specially formulated for high rigidity and larger splint applications, offering firm support with no flaking or cracking after extended wear.

Klarity® EZ™

Thermoplastic Splinting Material

EZ™ is an exceptionally strong and durable splinting material for a wide range of applications. EZ™ is highly resistant to stretch, but with excellent drape and conformability. Slightly tacky when warm, EZ™ will stay in place for difficult contours and careful designs, and is ideal for clients who are unable to cooperate. EZ™ splints will have ...